Naked Snow Angel

I had been skinny-dipping before but I really didn't consider that being naked outside because well the water pretty much hides everything. Anyway when I was 12 I made this friend who was a nudist. His family only went naked when they were at resorts though so in theory he wasn't supposed to be naked at home. However he liked it and he had been goading me to do more and more. When we hung out it was in the nude and tonight we were in his basement. His basement which had a sliding glass door that led to his backyard and as we are playing Truth or Dare. It was late at night and we had been playing for a while when he dared me to run to the edge of the woods in his backyard and make a snow angel. Running out wasn't too bad but jumping in the snow which was maybe 6 inches deep at the time was a little surprising. I did take the time to look at the snow angel. It looked different than the ones you make when you're wearing a winter coat. When I ran back inside he got me a towel. This became a favorite dare of are.
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1 Response Sep 22, 2012

Great fun. I must have been about 12when I first went out naked in the snow.