Walking In The Woods

When I was 6 years old both of my parents worked full-time giving me a lot of free time. I would always play naked when at home alone. One day while playing in the woods by myself, I suddenly had a thought, why not play naked. After that I spent a lot of time alone in the woods playing naked. Then I talked a girl I knew into joining me. We would spend as much time naked together as we could. Her parents set up a big tent in their backyard and we spent time together there naked also.
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4 Responses Dec 2, 2012

Me too, at a young age and I'm pretty much nude at all times except when it would be inappropriate in most public situations. But I do get naked in Vermont in public sometimes as there is no law prohibiting public nudity there as long as there is no lewd behavior involved.

That sounds really sweet - and the naked hiking sounds great

Lucky man you got your first date buck naked

Yes I was. Like being nude with other people. Live in the high desert now. Hiking naked is great fun.

lucky man.......