We Ended Up At A Naturist Camping By Accident

Although several years ago, I clearly remember my first time experience as a naturist. I went on a road trip with my former girlfriend and our destination was Croatia. We had a long day of driving and were glad that we finally arrived at our destination. Too bad we did not make a reservation for the camping we picked out earlier, because it was completely booked. Luckily, there were several campings next to each other, but most of them were full as well. Finally, we found a small camping, just outside the village which had some places available. It was getting dark and we decided to set up the tent before we would have something to eat. It was a relatively small camping and there were around 30 tents. It took us around 2 minutes before we realized it was a nude camping. In like 1 minute we saw more than 5 people walking by, completely naked. We started to laugh, but decided to stay there for at least one night, as we didn't feel like moving to another place again. We prepared the tent and went out to the village for a nice dinner. At the end of the night we went back to the camping, since it was time for bed.

The next morning I woke up and wanted to get some breakfast at the small store. I was in doubt if I would put on my swimming pants. I decided to do so, but as soon as I got out of the tent I realised I made the wrong decission, as saw I was the only person wearing something. I took off my pants and walked to the store, butt naked! This was extremely weird for me. Walking around naked outside, all the other persons around me were naked as well, it felt really weird! Most people were greeting me and smiled kindly. I got myself some bread and walked back to the tent. I woke my girlfriend and told her I went to the store butt naked. She laughed, but didn't want to get out of the tent naked, she was to shy. So she put on her bikini pants and walk around topless first. We had some breakfast in front of the tent and I started to get used to the feeling of being naked.

After breakfast we met our neighbors. They walked by and greeted us. It was an older couple, around their 60s and they invited us for some coffee at their place. Not really used to naked people around me, I looked at their genitals immediately, as most people would do I guess. I still remember I was surprised by the fact they were both completely bald (I thought that only young people shaved their genitals) and also by the size of his penis. He had by far the biggest **** I had ever seen. At that moment I expected that all nudists were hung like horses, but later on I discovered that this isn't true at all. We were surprised by their offer, this is something which would never happen at a regular camping and we accepted their offer.

So after breakfast we went to the neighbors to have some coffee. They were the nicest people ever. They came from Germany, but their English was perfect. They told us that they were glad there were some young people at the camping as well, as most people were much older. We explained that our visit was an accident and that we were not used to be nude at all and we all laughed about it. Our neighbor went to the tent to get some more coffee. I was still fascinated by the fact that I could see the private parts of the people around me. My neighbor was giving me some coffee and stood next to me. Her vagina was at the same height as my face and I didn't want to be inappropriate, but it was hard not to stare. She was completely bald, had a nice tan and a large labia, which was perfectly visible. We continued our conservation and we had a good time. In the afternoon we went to the beach, everyone was nude (of course) and my girlfriend felt comfortable enough to remove her pants as well. We enjoyed nude swimming (even better than walking around nude) and she also told me that she saw that our neighbor had a penis like a horse. She wasn't aroused by it all (luckily), but felt sorry for his wife. We really enjoyed the camping and decided to stay for a couple of days. We met some other young people and it was a great experience!
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sounds weird and awesome.
vagina near your face, i bet you must have had a smell .