It Took A While To Recover

Yes, I still remember the feelings although it's been many, many years ago when I was in college. But I look at it as if it just happened yesterday. I think I was 19 at that time. I asked him to give me my journal back because I thought he won't need it anymore. When he returned it, I knew that was it and I'm finally letting this guy go. I'm not sure how he felt but for me, I felt like the whole world fell and I was so alone, followed by countless sleepless nights. I cried and cried... I was so idealistic then. Thought that he will become my husband, the father of my children.

I was wrong.

Years later, after college... our paths crossed once again. I was working as a Merchandise Display Supervisor and he was delivering goods for our store. He asked me if he could see me for dinner that night but I declined his invitation. He did not give up easily and called me again at home. The feelings were not the same anymore. I turned him down for the nth time. 

And I never heard of him again. Glad that he wasn't the one. My outlook in life now is totally different from then. How time flies.

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Thank you for sharing. I have often thought that she would have been the one. Reading your story reminds me, that as much as it hurt at the time, it could have been for the best. I also agree with you our outlook in life really changes as we are exposed to different environments.
Glad you are having a better journey now..

I really identify with you not knowing precisely how he feels. How did you content yourself to know that? How can you turn away from someone you love, knowing that they want you too? How can you decide that they aren't worth fighting for?

Am also dumped by my boyfriend because his parents disapproved our relation and he left me. i was also shattered at start but now i don't have the same feelings for him. Am glad also for you dear. Am also moving on and am happy that am not alone.

Your story is very inspiring, Nobody knows how things will trun out in the future, I'm glad you recovered from that and moved on with your life.

thank you