My Longest Relationship

i remember my longest relationship with this girl name becky, we went out for a year but most of it was nothing but fighting and breaking up. anyway how we got to know each other is the funny part we met on myspace in a chat room where we got to know eachother a lil better. so we talked for awhile and like this one night we were takling on myspace and i was like wait before you go there something tht i wanted to ask you but i dont know how to say it and she was like i already know what it is i just want you to say it and i was like becky will you go out wit me and she was like yea babe i will and after tht we really started to get to know each other. so for about a month or to we didnt fight at all until i made the biggest mistake of all i cheated on het... but the thing is tht she gave me a secod chance and the only reason she did tht is because she said tht she really likes me and tht she didnt wanna lose me.. so i told her tht i was really sorry and tht i will never do it again and she said i know baby but its gonna be hard to trust you now and i was like i know and im sorry for doing tht i dont know wat i was thinking then after tht it went all down hill and tht when all the fighting began and she broke up with me like 3 times and i didnt even do anything to her all those tomes to make her break up with me but it really broke my heart and thts my longest relationship
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18-21, M
Sep 9, 2010