Internet Love

I was young, the age of 9, I guess. I met a guy over a game called "Audition". People in the game called him Zay, but really, his name was John. I went out with him because I felt bad since he was desperate for a girlfriend, and he liked me, so I said yes to him. We went out for a few months, then we tried to get married(but we never ended up doing so).

We broke up(too long of a story to write), but then a while later, he asked me out again. During the time of our breakup, he went through a lot of girls since he now had enough experience to gain the title "player". But surprisingly, he asked me out after talking awhile. As the naiive girl, of course I said yes. The next day when I logged on, and he was on, he ignored me. It ended up my friend told me he was with another girl despite he asked me out the day before. I was heartbroken, and I compeletly changed.

This first painful break up crushed me to pieces. It's been years since then but I'm still that naiive, fall too easily, fall too hard kind of girl. That won't change. But through this lesson, I did learn how painful love is, and to look at the good and bad sides of the relationship before giving the guy another chance.
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2 Responses Nov 12, 2011

awh....only 9?? :( ....and wat was his age at dat timee??

I think 12 I dont remember...

u were ******* 9...... 9year olds dont care bout break ups, they care about ice cream, whats they're getting for christmas and fast cars

I was an odd 9 year old. (: