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My First Painful Breakup..gah It Still Haunts Me To This Day.

It was 2007 I was 17, moved over 50 times in those years, one of the places I lived the longest was in Buxton NC on the Island with Highway 12 being the only way in and out of the island besides the 2hr ride on the ferry...I had met Donald right after I had first moved there as I was walking to the beach. He was so handsome and smart and wonderful we clicked right off the back. After 3 months of dating I moved out of my moms place and into his place. Fast forwarding to 4 or 5 months later it was a week before my birthday, Donald is 4 years older, never once did we have sex in those months i was still a virgin...well two days before I turned 18 I finally gave up my virginity to him...which totally wasn't what I had hoped it to be...v.v any hoot about two weeks later I catch Donald cheating, he lied to my face...made me feel like i was the worst gf in the world...but i still wanted to be with him...I ended up drinking that night...lots of crying...when he came home he didn't want to get in the bed with me...told me i needed to move out go live with my mom again...
and i unfortunately to this day still consider what i did to have been one of my most vulnerable moments...i was on my hands and knees begging him not to send me back to live with my mother...begging him to still want and love please come to bed...that i didn't care what he did it was still me he was coming home to. I begged him to tell me why he was doing this... T.T all he had to say was that i deserved better, that he couldn't give me what i needed in this life...v.v that i was too good and innocent, that i would make any man proud to have me as want to talk about a slap in the face that was it, it broke my ripped it from my chest, chewed it tore it, put it back and drenched me with ice water...

DiMaiosGirl DiMaiosGirl 18-21, F Nov 27, 2011

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