is it love? is that the thing that keeps people like me to continue loving people even if they hurt us emotionally or physically? or is the thought of being alone? the illusion that we will be alone if our abusive and cheating love ones disappear in our lives? are we scared of the uncertainty of tomorrow? idk. but i guess i am scared that she'll be going away. maybe this is why i feel like i can forgive her. after what she did, there's no one out there that i can trust any more. it is quite interesting and depressing to i came up with the conclusion  that i am a doormat all by myself. enlightening insight. 
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A good book is called "taking sex differences seriously" helps give insight into the way women and men are

Yes, grantmepeace is absolutely correct!! For instance in a relationship where the woman acts like the man, and the man is belittled and downed, the woman is actually MORE unhappy than the man. This is b.c. it goes against the womans nature...they want someone who will as the person said, be strong enuf to make them stop. Let me give you a good example, my own grandma was always the controlling person from my grandparents...she was even mean to my grandfather :-( They were married more than 50 yrs. When he passed away she married his cousin, and he ws strong enuf to not let her act like that, do you know she has now changed completely? She never even gets upset anymore, AND she recently admitted to me that my grandfather let her act any way she wanted to, so she acted wrong!!

That is sad. Do NOT be a doormat. She isn't worth it; and believe it or not, she isn't happy doing it. No one really wants to be allowed to walk all over someone else. They do it because they can, but wish that they could be with someone strong enough to make them stop.