4 Years Ago...

I actually met my first boyfriend online, at the age of 16. When we first met, we had our friends with us but I just fell for him completely. We were actually together a short time, maybe a month?

He lived a few hours away so it was hard to see each other but he ment everything to me. When he dumped me, and put pictures up on a social networking site with some skinny blonde in his lap, I thought the pain would never stop. When he phoned me to tell me it was over, I remember hysterically crying on my bedroom floor so much to the point I was almost sick!
I can't actually remember why we broke up, but I'm SO glad he did!! After I was over it, which took about a year, I was like "...what was I thinking?!" haha!

And now I've been with my boyfriend for nearly 3 years, so something good always turns up!! Even when a break up feels like the worst thing in the world, you WILL get over it and you WILL find someone else :)
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2 Responses Apr 24, 2012

Well after all that happened to me, I lost hope and didn't really think I'd ever find anyone worth my time! I thought all guys were out to hurt me, but have some hope and keep looking :) i'm sure you'll find someone lovely, it's just a matter of waiting and being patient!!

I hope the same can happen to me. (: