I Remember It Like It Was Yesturday

It was April of 2006. I had been dating this guy for just over a year and we had just got engaged at Valentine's. I drove over to see him one day as a surprise, I decided that was going to be the big day. I was almost 21 and still a virgin. And to my surprise, what do you think I found when I showed up? I found him in bed with his ex. Needless to say, I was furious. I yelled and screamed and asked how he could do that to me. He tried to apologize, ask for forgiveness, and tried to say that it meant nothing to him. I told him how rude and hurtful that was. It wasn't fair because I was faithful to him, why wasn't he faithful to me and if he loved me and we were to be getting married, he shouldn't have done that. I told him I was done and I would wait for him, but wouldn't wait forever. I told him that he could call me when he decided what and who he wanted. I stormed out the door, hopped in my car, and sped out of there. I had a nice dent in the front of my car and he was missing part of his fence. I debated whether I should crash my car into the expressway median, drink myself into oblivion, or just go to the store for a pack of cigarettes. At this point, I had quit smoking for 2 years but I decided to go for what I thought was the lesser of the evils and bought a pack of cigarettes.

4 months later, July 3rd, I started dating someone new. My now ex-fiance calls me on July 4th and told me that he had finally made his decision and that he decided to me with me. I had to tell him that he was about 18 hours too late because I had just started dating someone else. I still thought about him for several years and even tried to look him up a few years later. I found out that he took our breakup really rough. He had went out on a binge and no one knew of his where-abouts. He had turned up in a rehab center a couple of months later, but I haven't tried to find him since. Once in a while I do wonder what if.
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Jan 16, 2013