My First Girlfriend

it was the summer of my 8thgrade and we hooked up that summer and the story was that i liked her for two years and we had a thing for each other so we started txting and eventuatlly we did had a relationship but the painful part was when we broke up that she left me for someone else,life sucks and it would still hurt me when i think about it and kills me wen i see her on my neighborehood going on with her life and to feel like it nvr happend for me cause i never thought that i could never have a chance with her or anyone like her so its deppressing to loose someone that i could never have another chance in love.but i know it was just a phase of curiostity in sexuality and now i know better wether to choose to be in love with a person who would really deserve me,to everyone choose someone who would realy love you for who you u are.
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 18, 2013