My boyfriend and I just broke up. We dated for 7 months & were friends for 4. I cannot stop crying & throwing up, i can't eat or even sleep. I dont think i can bare seeing him at school and not running up to him and kissing him. He thinks im unloyal but i have never done anything to deserve this. I dont even have guy friends anymore. I dont even talk to other guys yet i still get this out of the blue. I really need advice because im so upset.
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Maybe he was just making excuse to breakup. Trust me.. 5 days ago my boyfriend for 10years brokeup with me. Im crying but im sure sooon il be fine just think possitive. We can do this.

Wow! 10yrs! I'm so sorry!!!

I know. It was really hard I really love the guy.

Why'd he break up w you?

Because of many things he said were not growing together and we are in a stagnant relationship. Actually agree but he was so strong to admit that there is something wrong with us. I just want him to be happy I want him to discover what is it to be him w/o me because i love him so much..

You need to love yourself, figure out who you are before you can be a partner to someone else.

I agree! Thank you so much :)

You're welcome

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I'm so sorry! First of all, you're young, you'll have your heart broken a few times in life. Secondly, maybe you should give him some space to miss you. If you're really meant to be together, you'll reconnect. I'm praying for you.

Thank you so much