It was all too recent....I still don't understand how she could throw 7 years down the drain. I would've NEVER left here, yet I wasn't even worth the fight :(
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Hi Jen-ah, I was heart broken, by the mother of my two children a year ago, I still struggle with it at times, but it does get easier, I did attempt to restore the relationship and it only made it worst, much worst, to the point where I am not even able talk or see my two little babies, not my choice. The point of the matter is, what ever you do, do not beat your self, it will only make you feel worst, and will bring you to point that I was in, and it is not healthy by any means. I am not sure if you believe in God or not, wether you do or do not, I will tell you the bible, has made get through a lot, even though I still do feel very alone, I know my future wife is out there and waiting for me to say hello! :) be strong!

I hope you're right in saying it gets easier...that's the part I'm waiting for

I also learned we can not wait for it, we just have to make it happen, even if it means giving your self away from everyone, and set your mind on what is right, and what is just, and what it is you want to accomplish in this life!

I understand how you feel Since my boyfriend for 10years broke up with me 6days ago. I know how it feels.

I too have been through the breakup of a rather long term relationship.

It can be hard to comprehend how someone that you love so deeply and truly can suddenly become cold,
even emotionless.., It is a sad fact.

While they seem to be contented to not actively have any concern for your situation, now devoid of all the love they had, all there words having no meaning the promises the made with their lips, eyes, their very being seeming so real in your mind, then you ask yourself "how could they not have meant this?"

The possibilities are wide ranging and many, perhaps they had need of you before but they feel you served your purpose, or you have hurt them? ( I am being objective), they may feel you deserve it.

It is always hard my dear, to know these things, it is a harsh reality to face when the one you truly love turns away from all you are and what you believed you had together.

I could say do not think about it, but you will, I know you want to understand, why?, how?.

If you did not bring this to yourself, the sweetheart you must focus apon this singular fact, remind yourself your love was true, if you have done that which is right then perhaps you are better served in the long term if they are not in your life.

Be strong my love, and have another big hug!