Well, we ended our relationship 3 years ago and it seems that he recovers from it easier than I did. Eventually, I got over it as well, but sometimes the memories stir up...
Today I helped mom out with buying groceries, scanning around, getting the stuffs then that familiar figure appeared. It shocked me a bit, but I just look away right after a few secs.
First relationship - First Breakup, I don't think I'll ever forget it.
I wonder if my luck is just bad or the world is just too small...
VelvetLace VelvetLace
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The majority break up with their first love, it's just something that's going to happen. You can do nothing to prevent it, so just live life and have fun.

Spot on dude


99.98 pct of all people have a first breakup! 99.8 pct have a second!! 😊