How im feeling...

The Guy im in love with.. Is Facing some Issues with his Baby's Mother..
Weve talked before and he told me that she is his past & his past for a reason and he would never go back..
He says he plans to spend the rest of his life with me & of course i want the same.!
At first i was scared that he would go back to her but his wise words made me think otherwise...
As i start giving him my all the babys mother sends him messages basically rude and unessesary things .. I think she wont except the fact that he moved on... But then i dont want him to give in . Into her words & go back..
Alot of females say things as i want us to be a family
Or using the excuse of having a baby for a man as a reason y they should be togther

Like guys i really love this guy & his baby girl is soo cute and adorable & i dnt mind playing the role of a step mom but i dont want him to go back ... & wish that the bby mother would except the fact and leave us alone..
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Have you talked about it with him? He shouldn't allow her to disrespect you.

Yes i did ans doesnt let her disrespect me.. But the things she tells him

Yeah I understand that he can't control what she says and that he has to remain in contact with her bc of his daughter. That's a tough one and I don't have much experience with it. But I do think that if you all don't indulge her, she will eventually give it up. The keyword is "eventually." I'm sorry she's intruding on your personal space with him :/

Thanks for talking to me... About it..

You're welcome :) the bottom line is that you feel secure in your relationship and that you trust him. If you don't feel that way, consider where that is coming from. If it's coming from his actions, communicate with him.

Okay thanks.! 😊

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