Aw man, mines was when I was 20 years old my fiance left me in the hospital when I lost my kidneys and woke up from a three day seizure. She got with her coworker the SAME DAY. Man, I almost killed a ***** when I got out (excuse this sentence). That girl gave me so many issues, I hurt a lot of people trying to get over her and my insecurities. Took me like ten long years, but I was able to tell her I forgive her and no longer hold it against her for leaving me in the hospital when everyone thought I was going to die and I was completely alone and strapped to a cold bed in the I.C.U.....

She even bought my son a gift and tries to keep up with me. But, you know, I had to convince my wife to not burn it and that it was a free gift and free money and something extra we didn't have to buy. Man, my wife even hated her for a while.
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Wow some people in this world are so selfish and inconsiderate and sicken me

Yeah, it nearly killed me too. At the end of the day, it's all a learning experience.

That's the right attitude to have. I can only imagine how you feel but I get it