My boyfriend broke up with me two weeks ago after a 2 year relationship. We were 16 when we got together and he was my first love and my best friend. Now I feel so hurt, scared and lonely. Worst of all - I think He left me for someone else. It is the most painful thing I've ever been through yet he is just fine. It's like our relationship meant nothing to him and that is what makes me most sad.
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It happens to most girl, I know it hurt so so freaking bad. & this is gonna be so hard to move on, but you gotta do it babes! It's gonna hurt like a mother ******, but I promise that when you can actually say you have moved on, it'll feel good, & within that process you'll meet someone who'll take your mind off of the heartbreaker. When that next someone tries to come in, you're gonna have your guard or walls up but that's okayy, because that's what's gonna help you not get hurt like before. .... But for now, it's okay to cry ... Cry it all out & work with it day by day. If you need anyone to talk to, you're more than welcomed to!

I hope I do, at the moment feels like this will never get easier! Thanks so much x

In the same boat my friend. It's a miserable feeling. I was with my gf for 6 years. I miss her everyday

I hate break ups

It Happens a lot in love, but remember. There will always be people better suited for you, more compatible. It may be painful for you, but remember if he does not feel anything then I think he does not deserve you. You deserve someone who cares about your feelings (even putting them in front of his own) don't act like you deserve less because you deserve more.