im 17, and i lost my virginity a few weeks ago to a guy i thought i loved. We were very happy until i recently moved 30 minutes away from him. After we both lost our virginities to each other, the next find we met he said we should stay together but without a label and called it off, so if we dont see each other in a few weeks we wont feel like we aren't committed. He has been ignoring me since. Also he hasnt told any of his friends that we split. Do i deserve better? I dont know if i can move on though and i need help desperately.
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My opinion is for you to move on, girl. It's not gonna be easy but it'll be worth it after the pain goes away & you meet someone who actually wants to be with you. You might've loved him but he obv didn't love you enough for him to try & work you guys out. Distance shouldn't break you, it should make couples stronger. Tbh, i currently just moved to NY from PA, where my bf is still at. That is 5-ish hours away, it's been about 3weeks which may not be too long for some ppl but we are still doing good, taking each day at a time & figuring things out. 30mins should be nothing. .. You just gave him the most important piece of yourself to him but he wants you without a label? Sorry babe, that's not love. He cares about you to not hurt you but doesn't love you enough to try.
My name is Jessica, & I hope this helps. I'm sorry if this seems harsh, but it's from experience. Ive been ****** over by plenty especially from my first love which was not too far from your experience. Just trying to help my women out. Even if you decide to still try & get him back or whatever, I hope it works out, too.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write that. I really appreciate it! Thats amazing how you figured out how to manage a long distance relationship and i hope it works out for you both. Should i not try to communicate with at all anymore? Is there any point in being friends? Sadly most of my friends are friends with him, so i will eventually see him, possibly tomorrow...

I find it difficult to read this text.


This sounds like a hell of a lot to have to go through. If he won't try his best at the relationship then i say it maybe time to find someone who will. :/