Wearing Womans Jeans

There is something about womans jeans that excites me when I wear them. Perhaps it because they are meant for a woman and I am wearing them, that is probably part of the reason for all womans clothing that I wear. Womans jeans just fit so much tighter and they seem to be made of better quality materials that stretch nice. You would think that mens jeans and womans jeans would be made of the same material as they are probably made at the same location, but to me they seem to be made of a much better quality material than mens jeans. Just like with all womans clothing womans jeans come in a wider selection of styles and seem to have a much better fit to show off those curves. My wife likes how my butt looks in womans jeans, none of my mens jeans even come close to making my butt look as good as womans jeans and my wife agrees on that. If I could wear only womans jeans I would. Check out our profile for more about us.
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May 14, 2012