It Wasn't Mine!!!

My friend said she had her period camping. At first I was like, it isn't THAT bad, but then she told me more. She was camping with her neighbor's dad, his two older sons, and his 5 year old daughter. She had woken up to a bloody sleeping bag and cramps that you wouldn't believe, but she had to hide the evidence since she was the only one up. First, she rolled up her sleeping bag and put it in it's case. Second, she went to the latrines with a change of clothes. Third, she wrapped toilet paper in her panties. And fourth, she put on an emergency tampon since her flow was really heavy. THANK GOD that was her last day camping and it looked like she was up and ready to go instead of having her period. When she got home, though, her mom knew right away that she had gotten her period from the strained look on her face from the cramps and the fact that she put the tampon applicator and wrapper in the mesh pocket in the front of her bag. Let's just say it wasn't a picture perfect expirience!!! (:
bananarama9341 bananarama9341
13-15, F
Jul 10, 2010