Picture Day Period...

I was new to the Middle school in the beginning I was in 6th grade.  It was picture day,  I was wearing a while skirt and a pink tank top.  That morning I got a horrible stomach ache all I wanted to do is lay down my mom said I was nervous about the pictures.  I went to school and went on with my day no problem then got my very first nose bleed in science class I didnt know why but went to the nurse and she took care of it and went on my way.  Then social studies was when we took the pictures.

I had to go pee so I asked if I could go to the bathroom, i peed and saw a big brown circle and i knew exactly what it was I said "oh great got my period"  I was so embarrassed I out toliet paper in my underwear and went back to class.  I just sat down I wanted to tell the teacher so I could go to the nurse but I was so scared I didnt know what to do or how to say it.  Finally I went up to her and said " I just got my girl thing" she smiled and said dont be embarrassed it happens to everyone but at that time I had blood all over my white skirt.  Then the announcement came on we had to rush to get pictures.  I had to walk around the school with a bloody skirt.  Then I took the picture and went to the nurse and she gave me a pad.  I had to finish the day in those clothes though I felt like I was going to die.  When I got home I told my mom!  Now everytime I see my 6th grade picture I think about that day and how I felt.  I am more experienced with it now and its no big deal and i wear tampons now....

There is my story....
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omg i feel so bad

Oh my gosh I totally feel for you! One time I was at school, this past school year, my freshman year of high school wearing my favorite light wash jeans, when I bent down at my locker and they ripped! So there was a huge hole up the back, and in the crotch. Thankfully, I just tied my hoodie in my locker around my waist for the remainder of the day, which was only one more class or so. Later at the end of the day when I got on my bus to go home, I looked down and saw I'd gotten my period all over my LIGHT BLUE sweatshirt and jeans, which needless to say, bled right through the crotch hole that'd ripped earlier. Ugghhh :/

Awwwww You poor girl is right.. Thank goodness I wasn't wearing jeans that day.. but my panties were all bloody... I kept going to bathroom to stuff my panties with wads of tissues.. I didn't have nerve enough to go to nurse's office.. I was so fregging embarrassed.. Even though I knew and was alerted ahead of time.. way ahead of time but I had forgotten all about it and didn't carry pads in my backpack cause just that month had cleaned my pack and forgot to put it back in.