Help (please,girls Only)

i dont have my period but i cant wait for it to start, and i know the 2nd month i have it i will hate it but leave a comment and if you could give me and estimate that would be great.
breast-yes 3 and a half  years
pubic hair-yes 1 year(good amount)
discharge-few months
underarm hair-few months (descent amount)
growth spurt- yes 3-4 inches
thanks for your help and please comment and my mom got her period at 11 im 12
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You've got some good advice going on here! Mom's age could br a predictor, but no guarantee. I was 14 ( summer post 8th grade graduation) when mine arrived.

Pretty much any day now, they say you get it about 2 1/2 to 3 years after breast development. And 6-10 months after discharge. But that is an average remember every period is different just stay prepared. Cu it will come when u least expect.

discharge shood hapen 4 bout 6 to 18 months b4 u get urs.

yeah it's not very good, it makes you feel uncomfortable and you can't swim (unless you use tampons)<br />
i got mine about a year ago and it comes randomly, so far it has come back twice. but today at school i recently had my third and thought it was over so i wore a ultra thin liner and it wasnt finished! blood on my pants all day!

well thanks you for all the comments, you all have helped a lot!!! and a week ago my best friend got hers and 3 days ago i found out another one of my friends got her period and today i found out my 12 favorite friend got hers so...... ahh well i know ill have to get it eventually. :P so i guess for now ill just wait read and write once again thanks for all the comments.

i got mine yesterday and im 16 and my mother got hers when she was 14.

i got mine yesterday and im 16 and my mother got hers when she was 14.

oh my God!!!!<br />
I got mine when I was almost 14 and I was a little freaked cuz all of my friends got it when they were 12 or 13<br />
and I couldn't wait to get it either but now I'm thinkin OMG I WAS A COMPLETE IDIOT!!!!<br />
I remember the first 3 months (nausea, horror, discomfort, pain....) it was horrible!!!!!<br />
it could be at any time but please enjoy the time you have left!!!!!!<br />
there is absolutely NOTHING ENJOYABLE ABOUT THIS!!! :) (except for those wonderful 3 weeks or more of freedom!!)<br />
KRISS xoxo

your welcome, peyton! lol :)

i got mine like, a couple of months ago and you dont want it haha<br />
its so bad. <br />
what happened was i just felt really eww that morning, so i put a liner on, then at lunch at my school i went to the toilet and noticed i had, BROWN discharge, so i put a pad on, then i got home and :P<br />
i still havent got mine again yet, but i just want it over and done with for another while lol

thanks and shopah. i love you pic

Shop aholikk is right. It could be any time.. just make sure you carry pads in your back pack or in your purse at all times..

Hey Peyton lol! It's not like I'm a licensed period predictor or anything, but most likely within the next few months or can never know fersure though. Honestly, don't be wanting it at ALLLL. It sucks. More than life lol!