Funny Drama

Two days before I started my period my aunt took my 2 cousins & I to see a movie.  One of the cousins was a male born with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.  The next day I started to have severe stomach pains.  My mom immediately called my aunt to let her know because she was scared that my cousin might pick up my illness.  With his condition it was much harder for him to get over any type of illness.  I felt awful the whole day & it wasn't until the next morning we realized that I wasn't sick...that it was just menstrual cramps, because I started my period over night.  Well, of course my mom had to call my aunt & tell her not to worry because what I had HE could NEVER catch....haha

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9 Responses Dec 19, 2007

oh god,that totally made my day!Thanks for sharing!!


Haha! I bet y'all felt funny later

Thats funny


i like the part about it being something he could never catch

Oh, my! Talk about making a stressful situation even more so. Good to know it wasn't a flu or anything, even if dealing with a period -- not to mention your first! -- is uncomfortable.


Akward.. hehe