One of My Worst Times In My Life!

   I was in grade 7, around 12 years old. I was at school and sitting at my desk. I wasn't feeling good. I felt as though I was going to get sick.

   I kept to myself that day. I mainly hung out with the guys in my class more than the girls. The guys kept asking me what was wrong. I just kept telling them I felt sick. I couldn't tell them! They didn't even know what it was!

   The teacher called us to the carpet to learn about something though I really can't remember what it was now. I walked to the carpet and sat down at the back of the group. About five minutes after class had started, I had this harsh feeling in my stomach area. It felt like someone had stabbed me in the stomach with a dull knife. I quickly asked to go to the bathroom.

   I ran as fast as I could to the bathroom. Once I got in, I had this weird feeling of almost pooping my pants! I went to the washroom, and there is was. I am not going to get into this part further.

   I after, I went to the nurse and I told her what I thought had happened. She called my mum and I was sent home for the day.

   When I got home, my mother gave me a pad. She told me to put this on. Then she said that I am now a woman and not to worry about this. This is normal.

   I was scared but relieved that this is finally over.

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5 Responses Jan 25, 2008

why would your om get mad at you donks? its a natural human process

I no i am reading this in 2011, but if anyone could cheer me up, im suposed to get mine this month!~!!!

Happy you were not as worried as i am. i am going to get mine soon but im scared that my mom wiil get mad.

she wont because all girls get there periods it is natural

I guess that's okay.

Sorry I mis-clicked. Didn't mean to come to this one. : )