Swimming And Embarassement

Well, here it goes.
I got my first period at the age of 10 and a half. I was taking swimming lessons when it happened. There was trail of blood in the water. I didn t even realise until my swim. teacher blow his whistle to get everybody out of the water. It was soooooooo embarrising. When my teacher asked me why i was bleeding and from where i just ansered it was from my leg. He gave me a suspicious look and took me to the imfirmery. I had no choice to tell the truth to the nurse. She gave me a tampon. And since she heard the conversation i had with my swim. coach she gave me a band-aid to fake.I asked her if she could tell my mom i had my period she said yes. When i got out of the imfirmery everybody was back in the water. My coach let me swim for the next 15 mins that were left. After the swimm. lessons, my coach asked if he could talk to me in private about what happenned. I said no then walked away. He started walking after me so i went as quick as i can to the girls changing rooms. I swore i will never go swimming again.

My next period was at brothers ( twins) birthday party. There was a HUGE STAIN on the back of my shorts. the rest is just a blur.
flowerputt flowerputt
18-21, F
May 6, 2012