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I was 11 and a half, it was February, Friday the 13th. I was cramping incredibly bad and I had no idea what was going on. Of course I knew periods happened, I just didn't know what they felt like until then. I think another reason I wont ever forget it is, because the day of my first period my favorite cat also had to be put to sleep due to having feline Lukemia. Some other things happened that day that I simply don't remember. I remember it being an awful day, especially because of my period and my cat being put to sleep. Those are things I can't seem to forget.
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Aw I'm sorry.... I think my parents met on Friday the 13th in February! Was it a full moon to? And what year was it

I'd have to do the math to figure out the year. I dont believe it was a fullmoon.

Oh then never mind...

My kitten got run over last night so yeah that makes your period hell