I Remember My First Period Like It Was Yesterday.... Wait It Was Yesterday!

So to start off with I am 16 and a very late bloomer... I am very petite very short very small ha ha and always have been... I used to never want my period. When I was in 6th grade and my best friend recieved her "gift of womanhood" she told me all about it then I knew I did not want it for in my mind it meant you was no longer a child... It was not until 8th grade that I changed my mind and was ever so eager to get it. I was on the cheerleading team the flyer and everyone had boobs bigger then me everyone was taller everyone had there period.... Except me! It seemed like all any of the girls could talk about and I could say nothing except I dont have mine yet... I wanted it just so I could say I had it...  I didnt have boobs barely filled a 30A the boys reffered to the other cheer leaders as hot or sexy and towards me as cute... Cute thats all I was I was flat in the front and back i was short and hated it I wanted to be like everyone else I wanted to fit in...

Well second semester 8th grade year I had to quit cheer leading for a fracture to my wrist well that was when I had to think of something else to do with my free time so I joined the academic team then was when I changed I started focusing on academics, college, my future career, so i applied to the academically gifted program for high school where you take high school classes and collge. 9th grade rolled around I didnt worry about my body or how i looked my breasts size, or my period I stopped worrying about what the boys thought of me and focused on the debate team my college classes and my GPA. I lived breathed and ate school... My biggest goal to reach top 10 in my class (right now im 16th :D) Well it was not until my younger sister who was 13 at the time got her first period when I realized I was "abnormal" I was a freak of nature... I was 14 and still had no period

This began my obsession with wanting my period... I researched how to make your period come... I started taking One A Day Womens Vitamins every day I started drinking Parsley Tea every morning I ate dark chocalate for the reason of some article about it having Estrogen in it or something... I wanted my period so bad! I even prayed to God I would get it and soon... I waited anxiously for the arrival of my period nothing happened... I eventually forgot about it for a while and came to conclusion it will come when its ready...

Well yesterday was my last day as a sophomore in high school it was also the day of my finals... So I had study vigerously all week crammed and memorize everything for my 4 finals all on the same day! I woke up yesterday with a weird feeling in my stomach but figured it was nerves for my tests. I took my medicine (for my other medical issues) as I do every morning except I was in such a rush I did not eat breakfast which if I do not I usually get sick... I arrived at school and took my exam which I aced! All throughout my first period I had cramps but came up with the idea it was because I did not eat breakfast. I then had to go to study hall for 2nd but before I went I made a stop by the restroom where I realized the shocking surprise that I got IT!

I FINALLY GOT MY PERIOD!! I sat on the toilet in surprise excited shocked devastated and concerned all at the same time! I was so happy I got it but shocked and devastated at  the fact I had NO supplie nothing! I didnt know what to do my cell phone was at home.. my best friend across campus...  and a big red stain in my fruit of the looms undies! Yelp last day of school started off with a bang! I sat in there for 5 minutes or so before I stuffed some toilet paper in my pants and stepped outside of the stall where I waited ever so eagerly for someone to come in so I could ask for a pad... There I stood in a empty bathroom with blood coming out of my whoo-ha! I knew all about periods knew all the signs knew everything there is to know about them.... Except I could not do anything with this one nothing at all! No body showed up and I was running out of time I needed to hurry up and get ready for my next class....

I decieded I would have to take matters into my own hands and quit expecting a miracle... I roamed the bathroom until I came across one of the tampax machines I rumaged in my pockets for a quarter and found one which I wasted! For this damn machine did not work Just MY LUCK! I walked out and attempted to find someone in my grade I could ask. I finally found this odd girl whom I usually do not associate with and asked her for a pad which seemed very embarrassing very embarrassing! She told me to go to the locker room and get one out of the emergency cabient for she was out. Off I went down the long baring hall towards the locker room when I realized I was getting quite damp down there! I got in there and of course the whole freakin'  junior swim team was in there! All of these girls are consider popular and here I was this sqauny sophomore with blood filled fruit of the looms stood attempting to find a way to get a pad without anyone questioning my presence...

I manage to avoid all the swimmers and got to the supply cabient in the back of the locker room I arrived and opened the door ever so quickly scanned it for what i was looking for and realized how many brands this thing holds! Inside was filled with rolls of toilet paper, cleaning supplies, paper towels, and femine products.... They had all sorts of pads tampons and liners... I was starting to have an anxiety attack... I just grabbed a pad and ran towards the stalls. Once I reached my destanation my jaw dropped and now my undies were covered in a bright red blob! My light blue jeans had a ever so noticeable darkish stain about the size of a dime on the lower crotch of the front of my pants! To me it was as if I had a giant glowing blaring pointing sign above me saying LOOK I JUST GOT MY PERIOD! LOOK AT ME! I was completely mortified! I placed the pad in my undies and then realized just how bulky it was! Then the bell rang so off i went!

I am very petite and this pad apparently was like a Maxi or something for it looked like a diaper on me! :O I left the locker room and ran towards the study hall to grab my belongings and scurry off to class. I put my sweater on which covered part of my butt while wearing it even tho it was 80 sum degrees outside... I went through the whole day barely focusing on my exams... My stomach was in knots and cramping quite a bit.. The end of the day finally arrived and now I was worried about how I would tell my mother I started my period... I arrived home where I went straight to the bathroom got cleaned up and then changed into my sweatpants... I went towards the kicthen where my mother ask me how my day was... I told her Well today  I made an A in history a 89 on my final I passed Statistics with a 97, excelled at my Chemistry exam and am pretty confident I passed! Oh and I got my period today By the way what are we having for supper?

My mothers smile drastically changed to a concerned shocked surprised like smile she then said What? I repeated What are we having for supper? She said no before tht? I responded on you mean my finals yeah I passed she smiled even bigger and said after that for which I just said I got my period? Yes she said What when how today? No way? You did not? OMG Congrats! Your a woman now! So thats what happedned I got my period! 16 years old and finally got my period! So I spent all day today my first day of summer vacation in my room watching Golden Girl reruns in my PJs with a heating pad dry cereal and gold fish in pain from the excruciating cramps that I had all day long! Not to mention that my period was apparently really heavy today according to my mother! Yelp I got my period I wanted it I got it! XD Now according to my older sis I am in for 45 years of  back aches, cramps, acne, bloating and pure hell! Exciting right?
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5 Responses May 18, 2012

You sound like a fantasist. Why did you feel the need to constantly precise the brand of undies you were supposedly wearing. ? Very odd

Man! Im 13 and my friends are starting but im not even close to developed..its not fair.

I know exactly how you feel, I was three weeks away from turning 16 when I got mine for the first time.
I was so happy, even though it meant that once a month I'd be in terrible pain.

I was always afraid! I was a late bloomer just like you but I started getting my period at 15;)

Haha, I know how you feel! I was sooo afraid I was a freak, because everybody got their periods, and I did not. But, the summer before freshman year(a fe months ago) I got it! Even though right now I'm on it, and in excruciating pain, I'm still appy, and thankful, and think of it as a magical experience, and everytime I'm on it, I'm a princess, drowning in soda, taffy, and chocolate with almonds :) congrats!!!! P.s. I still think its weird that I can now get pregnant, that's the frist thin I thought!!!