Obstruction Of Justice

I am absolutely fed up with this kind of system. I have learned the hard way that I cannot buy ANYTHING from the px unless I have proper ID. I am infuriated by the thought that something as simple as food or water cannot be bought unless I have a military ID. What kind of selfish bastard came up with that? I suppose it never occurred to them that visitors might need to fulfill basic needs too?! There's homeless shelters, oh yes, complete with soup kitchens, but if you have a home you better have the right ******* ID or you're not eating tonight. WTF?! Do selfish ****** run the military or what? Keeping me from fulfilling a basic need is absolutely an obstruction of justice. Because denying a basic need to someone who needs it is in no way justified.
tanya6k tanya6k
26-30, F
May 23, 2012