I was in the sixth grade, and we had to take a huge state test, and i felt like i was wet (down there). I was horrified because I knew it was my period. I went to the nurse and said my stomach hurt, but I think she knew, but did not say anything, which i am so thankful for because i was already embarrassed. So, she called my mom and my mom came and picked me up. Later, my mom gave me pads and said when i get older i can use tampons.

As, a freshman now, i absolutely hate my period. I really only use pads to sleep, i love tampons! They make it so much easier to do anything. Pads are so gross.

I hope no one has to get their period in school, it is so bad, and horrifying.
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I hope I don't but I feel more comfortable telling people I know.

you don't have yours yet?