GIRLS Night Bby!

Man oh man. I got my first period during the summer between 6th and 7th grade. My friends and I always talked about periods and we all were excited to get them. I was raised where getting your period was a joyous thing.

 Anyway I was at home with my bff in my bedroom I went to the bathroom. Sat down looked down and saw the blood. I jumped up started screaming until my friend came in and we jumped for joy! She ran and got my mom and she talked to us about it. Later she asked my dad and brother to go somewhere for the rest of the night so us 3 could have aGirlsnight. We went shopping, out to eat, movies, and when we came home we did makeovers.

 It was the best day of my life! The funny thing was my bff got her period the next day and then we did the same thing with her mom!


Periods are wonderful things. I will teach that to my daughter like my mother taught me. Us women should be proud and happy to have periods and embrace them. When you have daughters and they get their period make it a holiday and celebrate it every year!

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I am 14 next month and I haven't got my period yet but i really want it so i fit in with all the other girls! My mum was 14 when she got hers so hopefully it will come soon but I took these tests online that tell you when you'll get it and it said 5-8 months:( why can't it come todayyyy?😩my breasts have started developing a bit but they are still tiny, I have lots of hair you know where though so i guess i just gotta be patient!

aww so sweet!You are the luckiest girl EVEEERRR!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!! I wish my mom would do that!!!

Im 11 and i havent gotten my period yet but i have discharge and you now, hair, so im expecting it soon :D my mom is very open about her period but i cant get enough strength to ask for a pantyliner :P

While I honestly don't understand the "want" of a period, I think it's great that they are painted in such a positive light in your family. :) I didn't get a celebration, but I did get to stay home from school that day and the following day (I got mine in the morning while getting ready). <br />
<br />
my girls will get to stay home too if they start theirs on a school day, and if not, the idea of a "girls only" type of day sounds wonderful, though if they take after me, the only place they'll want to go is back to bed!

Yes!!! In my family we celibrate by cookouts

im so jelous... my mum and me never talk about those things, i bought my first bra on my own with the help of the fitting room lady and my friends, and when i first got my period i just stole a pad from my mum, extremely embarassed. i hope when i have a daughter i will teach her that her period is a beautiful thing!

Love this story. When I got mine, my mom took me to IHOP (she hates that place) and to get mani-pedis

Very sweet of you to share but it's a little bittersweet. I'm a guy, I would be the one spending the night somewhere else while you celebrate. If I were your dad, I would want to be there. :-(

I read thid before I got my period and I asked my mom did u celebrate your first period?? She said nope, we certainly won't be celebrating that for you either. <br />
I was so upset because I wanted my period, and now even though I have bad cramps every onnce in a while I still love my period.. <br />
I actually ended upbuying myself candy and a pint of ice cream and whispering happy period! And pigged out..

i know i want my period to. and when i get i dont think i will dread it. i mean if girls were prepared or i guess knew what it was they wouldnt dread it.but i could be wrong.

I feel really left out, because all the girls in my class have their periods and i want mine!!! i know that its you and there people older that dont have it and all that stuff they tell you, but i still want it!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow. My mum will never ever do that not ever. She'll just totally freak out and start to cry. Whoopee. There will probably be milk and cookies though! You're so lucky.

I'm SO doing the same thing with my daughter (once I have one haha). Great story

OMG! Do you not get cramps?????? THAT is what makes periods so awful! I HATE MINE! But whatever. YOUR OPINION!!!!

Thanks,<br />
I always belived that getting my period was a happy thing. I still do. My friends and I were so ready to get them! We were excited which a lot of people dont understand. But My parents or my mother and aunts taught me and my sister that it was an important part of our life's. I think the people who say they dread them just didnt celebrate them. Anybody who celebrated them knows how wonderful and special it is!

What a great story. I agree, women should be proud to have periods - celebrate their fertility! It's also a great "bonding" tool with other women. Again, as I think your story shows!