I Was Told It Would Never Come...

I just got my first period and I am 16. My story wasn't as easy coming as most people's. I had always wanted my period and as all my friend got their's and the years went by I began to worry that I was different and that mine would never come. You have no idea how much it hurt to hear them talk about something that I didn't have. My little 13 year old sister even got her's at the beginning of the year. I couldn't believe that she had gotten it before me when I had been waiting so long for mine. As if I wasn't worried enough! But it was then that I really started to worry. We share the same DNA, so it was strange that my body wasn't similar in timing. So began the multiple doctors visits. I have low iron and B12 and it is dangerous for my body to go on strong supplements cause of a condition I have. So they told me I would probably never have enough good blood to even get a period. I was shocked! Having a family was a dream I had always wanted, and now to be told it would never happen destroyed me. I eventually learned to live with this fact, but just as I accepted it that it would never come, it came.
I was on a school camp, all of my friends knew about my problems. It was the last day and we were just about to get on a bus to come home when I went to the bathroom and there it was. All the girls were so excited for me. I couldn't believe it. They bought me supplies and we had a huge chocolate splurge. My doctors were shocked, in a good way! Only problem was that I had to deal with my first period on a 9 hour bus trip next to the boy of my dreams, who then became my boyfriend that day also!
I am so glad it came! Yes, it sucks, but you have no idea how terrifying it was to think I could never have a family.
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Had the rest of your body started developing when you were younger? Or did that wait till now too?

Even thought i don't know you congrats girl!!!! That would be horrible not being able to have a family!!

Wow, congrats! I'm glad for you. : )
It's scary to think that you would never get it and never be able to have a family.
Welcome to Womanhood, but that doesn't mean you can't still have fun like go to the park go to the movies etc.

This doesn't go with you story but I'll ask you anyways, Aha,

Okay so- Right now I'm 11 and in 5th grade but I got my period About 6 months before I turned 11 and I was in fourth. My problem is- I haven't told any my friends about it because none of them have theirs yet (I don't think, At least) and I feel embarresed. Sometimes my friends get mad at me because when they ask me to spend the night while I'm on my period, I say no.

One of my closest friends-Kira- Is mad at me right now and keeps asking me why I won't spend the night at her house and I always say the same thing ,

"I don't feel well"
The first few months she bought it but now she's questioning me....

I don't know how to tell her.... Can you give me any advice?

Hey Megan!
Wow poor you getting it so young. Well your situation is way different to mine, but in my opinion you just have to be honest with her. If she is one of you best friends she'll understand. Plus, it is going to happen to all of you girls and one point, you just got it first. I promise they will all think it is cool, they'll come to you for advice on periods and pads. You're the mature one. Periods shouldn't get in the way of your friends and social events. Girl don't let it get the best of you! Don't be embarrassed, every girl goes through it and they will too! Tell the truth, next time an event comes up that clashes with 'that time of the month' just be honest. Say, "I have my period" and either say that you do or don't feel up to it. She'll understand! But honestly, don't let it stop you from having fun, just because you have your period doesn't mean you can't do anything. Learn to use a tampon when you are old enough they are amazing! Good luck!

congrats :) most of my friends have theirs so sometimes i feel like its not fair. Thank God you are healthy and plus you got a new boyfriend :)

Wow, congrats! I'm glad for you. It kinda sucks sometimes but knowing you're healthy is worth it :)

Wow!! Omg!! Congrats!! That's an awesome story!! I get jealous of my friends too.

Thanks so much! I couldn't believe it! I know how you feel! It sucked to much.

Ya well, that's awesome! It must've been so dramatic, now knowing u can live ur dream and have a family of your own. It's really great! :)