Why Hello There Period

I got my first period on 7th November, 13 days before my 14th birthday. We had just got back home from travelling to see my Grandma for her birthday, and because we were travelling, I had the day off of school. We had been out for lunch and I remember having what I thought were simply 'stomach pains' that went away after a while. When we got home, I went to the loo and wiped, to see blood on the toilet paper. I freaked out and did it again, and there was still blood. I called my Mum into the bathroom and showed her the toilet paper, and I began to cry. I had been waiting for my period for ages, but now it was here, why did I not want it so badly? Luckily I had some pads my Mum had bought me a year previously, and my Mum told me what to do etc. I will never forget that day!
thebeautyoftheend thebeautyoftheend
Jul 21, 2012