Odd Turn Of Events

So about last week, I went to the movie with my friend. She was on her period. During the movie I went to the bathroom. I pulled down my pants and BAM! There was a huge blob of blood. I was scared yet excited. I put toilet paper in. I came back to a thrilling part in the movie. I sat down an ate some popcorn. My friend asked what took me so long. I said I bumped into my aunt flow. Her eyes widened. She threw up her popcorn and yelled OMG!!! She got shushed REAL Bad. But afterwards she bought me ice cream, gave me a pad, and told me some of her bad period stories. Maybe it was terrorizing , but I had my friend all the while. Then I got home, and slipped my mom a note. He got do excited for me, talked to me about it and we got pizza for dinner. Good expeirience for me :)
Unicornsss Unicornsss
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1 Response Sep 17, 2012

Oh by the way I am 12!