Like It Was Just Hours Ago...

it was just hours ago!so here is my story:
I woke up at 6am cause I couldn't sleep. I waited 5 minutes for my eyes to adjust. I had to go pee so I waddled over to the bathroom which is across my room. I sat down at toilet and then was terrified to see this brown stuff and my 1st thought was "oh god I pooped my underwear!" I wiped my butt and toilet paper had nothin on it! I wiped my down there(i know what it's called) and I literally almost passed out! Me n mom had already discussed periods so I knew what it was. I wasn't surprised cause I had symptons:
cramps,nauseau,cravings,moodswings,acne,my breast been "budding" since 3rd grade, I've had pubic hair since 2nd grade and armpit hair since 5th was relly early and I had to wait till dad went to work @ 2pm so I could tell mom.when I did she was like no no no you're kiddin right I was like yeh I got it this morn but dad was here.she seem cool bout older sis had hers @ 10½ & mom @ 14.i am 12 and 15 days
old.tomorrow mom said we go to store n buy pads. I've got 5 pads in emergency kit.sorry story so long
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2 Responses Sep 23, 2012

I meant i got mine my phone sucks..

CONGRATS !!! I don't got mine the 22nd ( almost a month that I've been 12) bday on 23rd of august so yeaaa