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I Was Close To Twelve.

I was telling my mom... I was bleeding. She told me that I had my period. Welcome to womanhood!
Frankly I was not prepare at all. Now I had look back. It was an adventure from girl hood to womanhood.
mother1983 mother1983 31-35, F 1 Response Sep 23, 2012

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My period came a month after I turned twelve. My mom warned me before it happened; so I was prepared for it. I also got my first bra at twelve. there's a lot of changes when I turned twelve. I got my period; my bra; and my facial and body hair started to appear. I started shaving at twelve.

Thank you for sharing.

The only hairs I have was on my legs,armpits,privates. I had shave my legs for away. I got lazy.