I Was Not Prepared...

I was 13 and like the only one who hasnt started my period yet... I was feeling sick to my belly but it was something I had never felt before. I hadnt gone to the bathroom all morning because it hurt to move at all. (CrAMP OBVIOUSLY) But my parents let me stay home from school, they almost didnt let me(THANK GOD THEY DID) And both my parents had work and my brothet had school so I was home alone (THANK GOD) It was just about an hour after lunch when I had to go to the restroom, I didnt not expect a huge gunk of brown stuff all over my undies and thighs. I didnt even feel it, I was so surprised! I sat down on the toilet and cleaned everything up with tp. Luckily, I had a box of pads in the cabinet (JUST INCASE) and they defidently came in handy! I was too embarrassed to put my nasty undies in the laundry but they were my favorites..s. i had to throw them away :( But i called my mom to tell her the news and she was worried about me and wanted to come home early to 'talk about it' i assured her that there was nothing to talk about. She sighed and agreed not to embarrass me. Well.. that was the story of the first time I started my period. This was earlier today.
EllieBean EllieBean
Sep 24, 2012