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Hi i am @unicornsss' friend, Sydney, I am wondering if you can tell me if I am correct about how I will probably get my period next year? Here are my facts and supportive facts:
About me:

-I am in 6th grade
-I am pretty sure I am 5 foot 3 (or) 4
-I really want my period and all my friends are getting them and I'm so confused and it's just crazy 😩😫
Supporting Facts:

-My mother got hers in 7th grade
-My sister got hers before 6th grade but after 5th grade
-I have hair "down there" ( I guess you can say a "pretty good amount")
-I don't have underarm hair except for my peach fuzz getting 1 centimeter longer ( a guess)
-I got a bra in 4th grade thinking I need it, I now realize I really don't but I still wear one (its a 30a, haven't grown since)
-Im pretty sure I haven't grown in a while
-No mood swings (except my usual questioning myself and preteen thoughts like that)
-No cravings, except for pizza (but I just LOVE pizza normally)
-No cramps (except that I get hella bad backaches especially when I stand to long)
Notes and Thoughts on it

I have just always wanted it. And then my friend got hers in 5th grade and then my other over summer break and then another last month! Now it's me and my two other friends who don't have it. I feel so jealous and so odd! :(
Kind of the Moral of This

So, I know you can't exactly pin point when I'm gonna get it, but can you PLEASE at least comment in 6th grade, over the break, or 7th (maybe even later) so PLEASE comment! Even if its been seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, maybe even a year since I've posted this! I will still be checking, so PLEASE comment at least advice, answers, ect...
Sorry I've taken up so much time!😁 But bye love you!! 😘😜💜
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Have you got it yet?? I am in 6th and i don't have mine!!! I'm with you i want mine sooo bad!! Don't know why!! Just do! Hope everything is going well!!

My doctor told my mom because I was a late one to and she told her that I should start it anytime because I hit a growth spurt I grew like alot over the summer than I started it like a month or two after I wa done growing

There is no EXTREMELY accurate way to tell when you'll get your period. But you could ask your doctor at your next check-up. They can predict the time frame in which you might have your period by looking at your "area". Just to let you know, when your period comes, you'll probably regret wishing for it. They are not all that pleasant, I assure you.

Hope this helps! <3


Every girl is different, just wait for patient. :) You'll be happy when you get it. you will feel a woman... :)

I'm in 8th grade and have wanted it since last year. Like other people said, you're only 11. Wanting your period doesn't make it come. You really need spotting and discharge to be close. You GENERALLY (not always) get your period within a year of your mother. Your mom got it in 7th, so you'll probably get it in 6th, 7th, or 8th. Your sister was towards the earlier end, you could be towards the later end. You'll have more signs.

i got mine at the age of 12...guess you are a little young! wait till you are 12 or 13...

wow,dont you think youre a little a young? i had my first period after 13! all my friends got it,and i was the last one but it actually never bother me.Dont try to grow up fast,nature knows when its time.

I don't really want to speed it up, I just kinda want to be prepared and know around the time but thank you for commenting :)

well if you want my advice,i can tell you that its kinda scary at first(for me it was!) but you get used to it.Oh,and dont feel embarassed because you havent got it yet,its something normal,for example my aunt got it at 15!

Oh! And I am 11! Not 13-15, woman

Hey honey, i got mine at the age of 12. My mum got it at 14. My gran got it at 13. So don't worry. Just be prepard cause it's a little scary at first. But theu cam be very annoying. And take this tip. DO NOT USE A TAMPON UNLESS ABSOLULETLY NECCASSRY! Wait until your on your second period at least!

Btw I'm 12. Not what my age says. I clicked the wrong age

Thanks :)