Happiness Overloaded :d

When I was 11 all I worried about was that I would never get my period.Then summer break started and I forgot all about periods and stuff.Then one day(June 9th) I was so frustrated because a really nice pink dress of mine got tight and I couldn't wear it so instead I wore something else.I was mad for nothing.Suddenly I felt something wet and I went to the bathroom.Then I saw something red on my purple bottoms(I did not wear a panty that day)I knew what it was,I was so happy that I felt like jumping,but then I didn't know what to do and it was something about about quarter to 2 in the afternoon so my mom was at her clinic.I thought I would wait because she was going to be back really soon that day.When she came home I told her and she was like totally blank.I guess she would be thinking how early I got it.She was worried at that time and she gave me a pad and told me to change my pants.This is my story...
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well you are not going to be when you get it because it is pain in the but. Well for me it was