Easy Start But Now Its Hard

i still remember i got it wen i was 13 and more than a half year old, i was in school and we did exeecise classes in morning my stomach was aching a lil bit and i had no click about periods (i had been waiting for it so that even i cud feel the change like others, we already had many seminars for girls in our school), i left the teachers room i was in white salwar and blue kurti (tats indian dress and our school uniform for girls in 9th class n above, now i knw y they keep it 9th class n above) and two girls came behind from me n told me theres something on my dress n i shud go n chek it in toilet, and it suddenly made me feel odd wet n strange n i was a lil scared, i checked it n found tat it was it, i had it finally. i went home n told mom she gave me pad n i dint knw how to use it i was putting it in wrong way n got frustrated n called her n she said how stupid i am n told me how to do it. my dad used to wash my clothes but after this day i started washing my undies my self. ;).

yeah n i also remember one day wen i told mom about this seminar long time before i had it(periods) , she got worried n to c if wether i had it we were eating lunch together n she suddenly told me wats on ur thighs i said wat n moved my leg up , n she said nothing. how embarrased i felt after tat.
well now me n my mom r very close.

but yeah nowdays it pains a lot even after eating painkillers, can someone help me to reduce pain.   
godangelgod godangelgod
18-21, F
Dec 1, 2012