My First Period

I remember my first period it was this year I'm 12 in 7 th grade I told my friends but terrified to tell my mom. What can I do??
Miss1D Miss1D
5 Responses Dec 1, 2012

tell her. She will tottaly understand. Every girl gets their period.

I was in the same situation! Yes, it was awkward and embarrassing, but looking back on it I'm glad I told her. She is really supportive and chances are your mom will be too!

The way I did it to tell my mom was that I texted her and it actually wasn't so bad the next day when we talked it was kinda weird and not too emabrissing but then it was really easy after the first 30 seconds. No worrys we all have to at some point!!

Dearheart, do you mind saying why you are "terrified" to tell your Mom? That's what Mom's are for, or at least should be approachable in times like this. Ohioguy has it right... Menstruating is a part of every woman's life... We are used to talking about it. It won't shock or surprise your Mom.... Bless your heart.

tell her.. It's part of life.. I'm betting she'll be way more understanding than you think. Moms can be like that.