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Late Bloomer

I was 13 and 5 months old and all but two of my friends had gotten their periods. I had pretended to get mine for 2 years. The day I actually got it was November 21. I had just gotten home from Wednesday night church with my best friend, and my dad and brother were home with me.

When I went to the bathroom, I looked down to see a small red splotch in my favorite underwear with the little pencils on them. I was utterly elated. For months I'd been preparing for this moment and I wasn't sure what to expect when it finally came. Pants at my ankles, I called my mom and told her the news. She told me to go grab a pad from her room. Of course I already knew where they were, I had been snatching them recently in preparation for the big event.

When my mother got home, I immediately wanted to go to the drugstore and purchase my very own pack of pads. So we went, and I got them. Once we were home it was near bedtime, so I stuck one in, and collapsed into giddy slumber.

In the morning, I excitedly scampered to the bathroom to view a spectacle I'd never seen before, a fully used pad. So, I yanked down my pajamas, looked down, saw the product of menstruation, and promptly fainted. 

I'm not sure how long I blacked out for, but when I came to, I'd apparently gotten used to the sight of my vaginal excrement and was able to go through the now familiar process of changing pads.

Disgruntled by my experience, I immediately felt the novelty of "womanhood" lose its luster as I trudged downstairs to eat my Cheerio's. It was milestone, yes, but also a disappointment.

PeaceChild PeaceChild 16-17, F 11 Responses Jul 31, 2008

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I havent got any. Im now 13 and 6months

I got mine at 13 and 1month. :D

I got mine 13 and 4 monthes june 30,2012

13 is not really that late i got mine at 16 <br />
very glad it waited till than to come tho

I'm two months away from fourteen and I still haven't gotten it -.- Kinda happy about it, kinda annoyed because ALL of my bffs have.

i really enjoy going down on a girl when she has her period its a serious turn on!!!

my mum got hers when she was eleven and im 13 and still dont have mine???? (i am the only girl)

I didnt get ,my 1st one till I was 15 .... but then I had other problems down ther

like what problems?

ugh i hate my period and i'm dreding the next one due in a day :(

I am exactly 13 years and 5 months old and I am period-less.<br />
:( or :) ??

I did not get mine until I was 14. :( and :) in some ways! Just be prepared and try not think about it. Once you do that it will come faster than you think.

I have seen used pads and tampons. They are a sight guys like me sorta like.<br />
<br />
By the way its a vaginal secretion, not excrement.