Trying To Keep It A Secret

I don't really know if I handled it the right way :) I was thirteen when I got it. My stomach wasn't acting up at all so I wasn't expecting anything. Most of my friends had already gotten theirs so I knew it was bound to happen one day.

Anyway, I was in the bathroom, and when I wiped, it was reddish-brown. I just stood there for a minute repeating 'Oh my god. Oh my god.' I went to my dresser drawer and pulled out a pad because a year earlier, my mom gave me a box with a post it note that said 'Better have and not need than need and not have'. I put it on and told myself that I would not tell my parents, because I could handle it on my own. Besides, I was sure my mom would smile at me really wide, and even if I told her not to tell her mom and best friend, she certainly would. And telling my dad was out of the question.

The next day, when it came again, I was worried that it had those clots I heard about in health class, so I did extensive research online (oh god, younger me, really?) and relaxed. Surprise, surprise, everything was normal.

My solution was to wait until I was done for the month, and then casually bring up 'Oh, hey, mom, I got my period like a month ago'. When I did, my mom just said, "You should have told me."

That was a very confusing time for me...
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you handled it really maturely