I Remember My First Period 💖

It was summer break i was 11 finished 6th grade. It was July 17th 2004 and my birthday was in a few days, and summer school hadn't start yet so it was like i said before July 17th 2004 and i went to the bathroom i had to pee...I know TMI but we are all girls here HOPEFULLY!! :P so i saw a little blood on my underwear so i went to my mom she was cleaning and she was happy so that afternoon i guess she told my dad cause we went to the store to buy Pads i think she got the Heavy Flow Always brand and a dress so that it would be more confortable to go to summer school...

When i was 8 my mom told me and said when you are a little older you will leak drops of:
she gave me a small note pad and told me to guess
A) Leak drops of pee
B) Leak drops of blood

and dumb *** of me thought that Pee and showed it to mom and she said no Blood so when i got it i knew what it was....Now i am 20 and i hate it! But i can deal with it now. Oh well :)

When i was in 5th grade i missed the Health/puberty week talk. so i didn't know that much but i knew what to expect one day.

For my bra size i was 32A and i was almost a hundred lbs.

and i had hair down there

Everyone is different, and we are all develop at a different pace. Don't hurry and be patient.

so all of you girls that haven't started yet, you could start preparing for it...and this brand is great and the pads are individually wrapped in cute designed wrap. BTW i don't recommend tampons for your first time unless your mom says you can or your in sports and you don't feel comfortable wearing a pad.

and remember if you plan to use tampons choose the lightest absorbency for your flow to prevent TSS Toxic Shock Syndrome.


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