Can I Show U What I Built?

My first period was February 12 2012 . My friend was over and my mom was downstairs with church group, it was 4 days before my 11 year old b-day, I had to go pee so I told my friend I'd be right back. ( thinking I would be ) when I wiped there was blood every where, I looked down at my undies an noticed they had brown and red stains everywhere! I knew what was happening, my mom told me like a year before, but I still freaked! I hurried into my room ( where my friend was) and took undies out of my room, I ran back to the bathroom, flushed the toilet and ran downstairs. My parents had friends over so to keep it secret I asked my mom, " can I show you what we built upstairs?" she said sure so I ran upstairs as she started coming up I pointed to my downer area and whispered, "I'm bleeding" she picked up her pace and came upstairs and showed me how to use a pad, she said as I started to cry " its a blessing from god, u can have children when your older" that just made me cry harder I'm very sensitive about the 'making babies subject' she just smiled and hugged me, when I went back in my room I said my throat cold was just coming back ( I was sick days earlier) my mom came and played along asking if I wanted medicine for my' throat ' I said no thank you. It just so happened my dad had picked that day to give me the 'talk' lucky me...
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Jan 12, 2013