Unforgettable Experience!!

So, I actually started mine three days ago. On January 11, 2013. I'll never forget that day. So I'm 13, 8th grade (early starter) and that morning I ate some goldfish and realized my stomach was hurting a little bit. But it felt like the "your hungry" sort if stomach ache. Luckily it stopped on the bus ride.

So I got to school and I went to P.E. everything was normal so I must've started in mid-day. I was wearing tights that day. Blue and white ones (really cute). I sat down in 7th period and I noticed like a feel of something coming out.. I didn't understand and thought I was just sweating down there, or something.

I really did feel uncomfortable though, I didn't wanna get up just in case it bled through.(it's didn't) im a 34A cup so i was expecting soon, but not this soon. So I went home and didn't think about it until that night. I was spending the night at my friends house and I felt wet down there again.

I went to her bathroom and checked my underwear. And OMG was I surprised. It was REALLY heavy brown and red mixed in. The immediate response after staring was to put toilet paper down there. I fold it and stuck it in. I went back to my friend keeping my legs closed cause of the stink. It's was bad every 15-30 minutes it kept coming. I'm guess I'm HEAVY, but not heavy enough to bleed through. (Still haven't old my friend.)

I spent the next night too. All through out those too days I kept using toilet paper. So this night, I decided to take a shower. I told my self I would tell my mom tomorrow after school and pretend I got it that morning even though I've had it for 3 days.

After the shower I put my underwear under my clothes. I must've forgot it or something because my mom walked in there picked up my clothes and checked my underwear!! Luckily I was right there. I didn't have to tell her, because she caught me. She was so surprised and happy. I have a 14 year old sister who got it at 11 and was surprised too, I'm lucky to have her cause she gave me tips.

Surprisingly I got my period a few days after my friend. I got some pads and now I'm just looking things up, to make sure I know everything about this. I scared to go to school tomorrow, wish me luck!
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3 Responses Jan 13, 2013

I started for my first time three days after you

omg tht day was my 1 year anniversary for mine! Good luck! & don't be ashamed bcuz you'll just laugh w/ ur friends about it once ur used 2 it:)

Hi congrats I'm also 13 and just got my period a month ago :0)