Wasnt So Bad!

I was 12, in 7th grade. I got home from school & saw a brown stain in my undies. I didn't want to tell my mom that I had infected discharge. I then put a small pad on incase & went to my dads house. It got worse but when I got home I got in my bed & as I hugged my mom I told her I had started my period. She was happy? Ok then she went & told my older sister.I was sooo scared to go to school the next day. I thought people could see my giant diaper pad! I had a little pouch of pads tht everyone saw as I walked through the hallways! The next day I wore a long sweater humiliated. I am no longer worried about getting my period because I know its coming & me & my friends tell eachothr all the time when we get ours so we laugh as we change our pads & tampons. Don't be ashamed girls it ok! Good luck:)
ilovemypup ilovemypup
Jan 19, 2013