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Okay, so where to begin?
i was in 7th grade and i had just came out of the hospital a couple weeks before, also i had just got off crutches days before. I was still leaving class a couple minutes early with a friend to avoid the crouds. I really needed to pee so i went to the nearest loo.
it scared me so much! i just saw this reddish-brown stain in my pants. thank goodness my friend was carrying a pad, but it was a really thick one it felt like a rock between my legs.
we had to go to spanish and i cried because i do not have a close relationship with my mum or my sister and i panicked, dreading going home that night.
when i did tell my mum it was really awkward but i'm so glad i told her.

surprisingly my first period was pretty heavy for a start and lasted five'ish days. the day after i started i had to go to the hospital for an MRI scan. where you have to wear a gown and nothing else.... yeah. it was so awkward to explain to the male nurse why i should keep my underwear on :S
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Your mom would have explained you before that, so that you would have been ready for that.. its a bit tough time for girls and some girls get stomach ache also...

actually, not at all. me and my mum really areen't close and nobody talked about awkward subjects in my family and my friends didnt know much either.

Thats so sad, i can understand how tough it was for you, i hope you are adjusted to the situation now

yeah i'm fine i just hope that i can be there for girls who also need guidance :)

Thats good.. :)

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