Unexpected Blood

I don't like short stories so if you dont like reading long things than go somewhere else! Okay So on October 20, 2012 I THOUGHT I got my first period. You know there was blood for a few days. And I was like yay. Because I cared so much about getting my period everyday I would look to see and I would get so excited. Until then. A month later there was nothing. And same with the next month. So I just stop carring and looking. Until January 15,2013. When during 4th period I went to the bathroom and there was blood. My excitement for periods came back. I eagerly put on a pad when I got home and there was a little blood. But the next day nothing! I was dissapointed again. But after that day there was Blood and a good amount to! I was so excited. I would check my underwear every 15 minutes. The next day there was more and it was darker. My excitement grew and grew. But wait. I'm pretty sure this wasnt a false alarm. This had to be it. And I mean HAD to be it. So I sit here and wait. Everyday. I expect it around February 19, 20, 21,22,23, or maybe the 24 or 25. But if it doesnt come by then. Then I don't think I'll ever be excited about my period again. Oh yeah and telling my Mom the first time (In october) I couldnt. I had told my bestfriend and her Mom is bestfriends with my Mom. My Bestfriend and I would always make period jokes that we got it and stuff. So when she told my Mom she didnt belive us. Then she told her Mom. And her Mom texted her saying, "Did Gi get her period?" And My Mom was like "No" and I was like "Maybe I did" And she didnt belive me until I showed her my underwear. So that was that. This time when I told her she didnt really care. Because its like we went through this before. Well wish me luck. Lets hope it comes.
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I got it one day before u

Cool! AND OMGG I got it againn c:

I got one day before u