Hahaha. I was using the restroom one morning when I washing myself down there, I saw blood!!! Now, I knew about periods because I learned from school and from my mom. At this time, my mom was at work so it was just me & my dad at the house. LOL I remember he was eating his breakfast and reading the newspaper and I yelled out "DADDDDYYYYY!!!!!!!" and kind of walking out to the kitchen in my underwear screaming top of my lung for my dad. LOL He ran over to me terrified because he didn't know what the hell was going on-- until I explained to him that I was bleeding badly from my vagina! LOL He kind of laughed at me and calmed me down & he showed me how to use a pad & stuff. LOOOOL! Then we called our mom and told her what happen. AHHAHA.. That night, when I got home from my friends house my dad had brought me a cake to celebrate my period! LOOOL He said I was a "WOMAN" now & he was going to be EXTRA protective of me. HAHAHAHHAHA I'll never forget it & I'm thankful for a father who is mature enough to handle these type of a situation. LOOOL (: Now, DADS out there; don't be embarrassed or anything if you happen to be in the same situation as my dad once was. LOL.
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I got mine, on vacation in May at my great grandmother's house. There was one small bathroom in that house, which My family which included me, my brother, and my parents, along with a great uncle, an aunt, a cousin, a step grand father, a grand mother and my great grandmother. You could see how well this was going to go, I had just come in from playing batmitten with my cousin, when I saw the red stain in my underwear. Thankfully, I knew what it was, so I wiped myself a bit, and my underwear, rolled up an annoying dad of toilet paper and placed it in my panties, then walked through the living room, poked my head out the screen door to the side porch, and said to my mom, "Mom, could you come here?" She turned and looked at me, "Later." Being her only word. I am already nervous, so I say, "Please come here! It's aslight emergency!!" I close the door and stand in the middle of the living room, biting my lip. I was manic and nervous and freaking out. She came into the room looking at me like I was insane for interrupting her conversation, I quickly said in a hush tone, "I think I just started my period." I forget some of it, but, she finds one old mini pad for me and I put it on in a messed up way. After everyone else went to a hotel room, or wherever my mom went out to a store and came back with three types of pads. Before that though, like when everyone's was still here after she had given me that lone pad, I had gone into the bedroom my parents were sleeping in and sat on the bed nervously. When, oh joy, my dad comes in. He's snickering and grinning and says, "Congratulations on being a woman." I was about to punch him, actually I think I did stand up and sock him in the shoulder. Worse part was the next day I left for a week without my parents to be with my grandmother and step grandfather. My dad is always teasing me about it sometimes, once we were cleaning out my late great grandmother's old bedroom at another house, and out of the closet came some of those adult diaper things, and he knew I was on my period again. (This was well after my first one.) And he said, "You need those don't you." I just threw the package at him and glared, many things came out of that closet. (This house was my grandparents, but now my aunt and uncles, and my great grandmother did live in the house and well, yeah. But,) So lots of odd stuff came out of that walk in closeyt, photo's, suits and clothing, books, artwork my great grandmother painted, and, an old bra from the 1950s or so, give or take some years. My uncle was teasing my aunt with it, she just held it and said, "Wow, this is a bra?" It was quite a sight. My uncle joked he was going to keep it for my aunt. No clue if he actually did, well, dads must be either really helpful, really mean, really clueless, or just plain annoying when it comes to periods.

that was really cool!!

wow! your dad is cool.... :)

hahaha, your dad is awesome!

aww, i really wish to have a dad like yours

Haha my dad is always awkward about it ahah! Hes the only guy in this house i have 5 sisters and my mom haha! 2 days ago when I got my first period my mom told my dad and he came up to me nudge me on the shoulder and said "Nice going kid!" i was like what? Nice going? Thanks?! haha XD I wish my dad was not so awkward with it lol

hehe that's kinda funny that your dad showed you how to use a pad my dad would freak!!!!!

my dad would freak out. but he freaked out when he found out i started to wear bras. but i think of my dad as a best friend more than a dad.

what a positive experience and a great dad! how lucky for you.

well love i have to say i remember getting mine the first time i was 12 and it was christmas day of all days and i remember feeling so sick and yuck i spent the day in bed it was awful to get the first one on that day