Every girl around my age who had tlaked to me about it had told me that their mothers had gotten all excited and motherly when they got their period for the first time. Lots of giggling and serious interest and tlaking and even some cake.

I got my period a lot earlier than anyone else in my family, I was 11. I rememebr waiting for it for years wondering if it would be cool lol and thinking my mum would be excited and sweet to me for a change.

I got it one day just before lunch at home, and I sat there panicing for a bit. I called for mum and she yelled t me to stop messing around and come for lunch. I must have asked for her to come to me at least 5 times, maybe more, and she just got madder and yelled more. I finally said I really needed here and she eventually stormed into the bathroom. I told her and showed her and she was 'Oh, then ok'. She haned me one of her pads, and proceeded to tell me the rules: dad was to never ever see anything related to my period (used pads, unused pads, blood in the loo, stained underware, anything), I had to hide my pads when I got my own, I had to double wrap my used ones in toilet paper and then bury them in the trash, I wasn't to not flush on pain of death, if she caught me putting pads or blood on the walls I was also dead (honestly, do girls actually do that?), I had to change pads frequently because otherwise I would stink and everyone would know, and I wasn't to tell anyone. Nothing was said about what to expect or how to deal with it. It was the rules, being told to hurry up, and then she left. I desperately wanted that tender bonding mother/daughter moment. But all I got was anger and rules and being made to feel like it was something dirty.

The strangest thing was she made such a big deal about dad not knowing or seeing and then she told him that night. And while she forbade me from telling anyone, she told people she hated (and who she guarded her own personal life from) all about my period.

The whole time I lived with mum I had to hide my pads from my dad and anyone else. Unlike her, I wasn't allowed to keep them in the bathroom. I had to hide them in my bedroom, and then hide one in my clothes and bring it up from my room when I needed it.

I had a few 'weird' things associated with my period that I didn't know about or understand (school didn't do the whole bio ed thing until I was 15 lol) and I was always freaked out about them. But mum wouldn't talk to me about it at all. And when I learned later and told her 'I learnt about this and I had it before', she told me that it was wrong or I wasn't functioning properly when in fact I was functioning perfectly.

Later, when I was having very heavy periods I asked for more pads, and she wouldn't buy them for me. So I asked to buy them myself and she said no. But she would get angry about me not changing enough and possibly 'stinking'. I would run out half way through my period and have to use toilet paper.

It seemed like form my first period on it was this huge thing for my mother that she persecuted me for and ignored similtaneously and I have no idea why.

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Your mom sounds psycho! I hope you have been able to move on from her toxic ways.. My mom was/is crazy too... :(

did you mean to spell talking tlacking every time?

No offense but your mOm acted pathetically! What the hell is wrong with her! If you were my daughter I would be happy your a woman and buy you anything you need!;)

No offense but your mOm acted pathetically! What the hell is wrong with her! If you were my daughter I would be happy your a woman and buy you anything you need!;)

I definitely agree with Morgan259. Your mother should treat you equally as a woman just like her, and let you buy more pads if she's too effing lazy to buy them. She's really been a jerk to you in the past, and owes you a hell of a lot of sympathy. Not that you want to go back to her, cause I sure wouldn't, but you know what I mean. She strikes me as a rude jerk, no offense, not that'd you take it as that hopefully. It's DEINFITELY not your fault you had a heavy period. Seriously, I used to have a heavier period when I was younger, and my mom was NICER to me if anything lol

Why is your mom so mean?!? Your a woman just like her. And it's not your fault you have a heavy period. And your father shouldn't care that he knows about your period. Whn your parents knew they were havng a girl, they should have been ready for you to grow up.

Thanks SaratogaGirl :). When I got older and moved away I began to get distance and realize that things were messed up at home, more than I'd thought they were. But I never really thought of that part of my life as abusive before, but you are probably right. <br />
Thanks for being so kind :)<br />
<br />
I love your display pic by the way, very cool lol.

OMG! That's TERRIBLE the way she treated you! No wonder you don't get along! That was really abusive!

I know what you mean! I've always hated it, but especially when I was younger cause I was a tom boy too lol. It always seemed to get in the way of doing other stuff.

I got my period when I was 10(well almost 11) I feel real soz 4 u. cos my mum was really nice to me she got me a pile of stuff whenever i wanted it. And i mean a pile! lol. my was bad cos i am a huge tom boy i hated people talking about it even i hated wearing a bra! lol.